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My Babies **Giggles**


Mayleke's Teen memories
Storms bolting teen times..
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Mayleke's Teen memories


Mayleke is warm hearted.....


Although,  she can get a little warm around the edges.  She has still given me much love and happiness, and she still does.



Breed: Egyptan
Age: Teen
Parents: N/A
Origin: Zekira
Personality: Explosive
Owner: Angelheart
Name: Mayleke
Mate: None Yet
Breeder: Viridia

Mayleke is a very trusting Egyptan,  even when she is a bit upset.  Her tender and loving heart just keeps spreading more love each and everyday.  Growing up,  she has singed my hair a couple of times,  but nothing to major.  She has so much energy,  and wants to keep herself busy all the time.  When I meen busy,  I meen she is always trying to find a way to show me that she can actually start something on fire,  but I tell her that she is just to sweet to do such a thing,  but she never gives up.  She is a real fighter,  and does anything for me.  She is very protective,  and has a very big crush on Storm!!  she tries not to show it,  but sometimes you can here her whispering his name.  I hope she will find her true love someday,  but I don't want to let her go.