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My Babies **Giggles**
Storms bolting teen times..


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Storm of the century!!!

He isn't such a bad guy!!



Breed: Egyptan
Age: Teen
Origin: Zekira
Parents: N/A
Personality: Full Of Spark
Owner: Angelheart
Name: Storm
Faults: None
Mate: None Yet
Breeder: Viridia

Storm can be very moody, depending on what kinda day he is having.  I try to get on his good side, so he doesn't get angry and try to strike me with his bolting body of power. Through his teen years, he thought he was god, and could strike anything he wanted to, but he had to learn how to control his temper. So now when he gets angry, he just makes it poor for about an hour, and then he's fine!!  He does like it when people come to visit him, that has calmed him down quite a bit since I adopted him. We still have many of exciting days to spend together, and I no we will learn alot from each other.