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Mysterious Beyond



Don't be afraid, these dragons will not hurt you, they are the most sweetest dragons that I have ever met,  and believe me,  I have came accross some very meen dragons.  We all live in harmony here, no matter what.  My dragons have there own personalities,  and sometimes they clash,  but all of their scuffles are resolved very quickly I guarantee it.  So if one of them get out of hand,  be sure you let me no,  so that I can start working with them on being nice to all the visitors.


I haven't thought of any names yet, but I promise I will get them up ASAP.  I just hope that they will let me name them,  some dragons are very picky about their names, and if they don't like it, they might try do somethin terrible like sing your hair  **Giggles**

What's New?


Here are afew of my new dragons

10/14/03 - Added my new adopted dragons