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Here are my Ferilons,  I hope to adopt more in the future.

Well here she is  :0)  I think she is very Beautiful,  I haven't thought of a name yet!!  I think it might take me a couple of days to decide,  since I have to see what kind of personality she has.  She does have very pretty eyes!!!  and a unique markings.  If you have any Ideas on a name,  please email me,  and give me some of your ideas!!  some ferilons get very irate if they don't like there name,  so I better make sure it's a good one.  **Giggles**


I have named her Roxy,  and she seems to like it OK!!  for now  *Giggles*


She was also made special for me :0) Please if you would like one of your own,  follow the links at the bottom of the pages,  they will take you straight to the adoption site!! So many cyber pets need a loving home,  go check-m-out to see if you want one of your own!! pretty good HUH?  I know,  don't quit my day job!!  HEE HEE...