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Garden Entrance To
Garden Three


     We are anxiously awaiting the arrival of another Flion hatchling," We cant wait to see this beautiful creature join us in this world of magic, and dreams.



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Gender: N/A
Age: Egg
Wings: N/A
Tail: N/A
Horns: N/A
Spikes: N/A
Fur: N/A
Markings: N/A
Coloration: N/A
Legs: N/A
Eyes: N/A
Other: N/A

    All of the Flion eggs are watched over with alot of love and care from many of the Residents, they love to have the responsibilty of caring for these very rare dragons.

This is another resident
his name is Grith, he is a gnome

    This Creature is a Chilo, "Turbrinx sais Excitedly"  her name is Blianc,"  she is very sweet,  has a fedish for flowers,  everyone who visits these gardens,  gets a flower from her.  She will walk right up to you!  and ask if you would like to have a beautiful Flower from these magic gardens,  if you say yes,  she will hand it to you with a smile. If you say no,  she will lower her head and move on to the next visiter.  She does not hold a grudge,  because she knows that you did not meen to hurt her feelings in any way.

   She is very quiet when not passing out flowers, her favorite place to be is smack dab in the middle of our big flower beds!! Turbrinx Sais" she loves those flowers.