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Garden Entrance To
Garden Five (The Story Of The Gardens)

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       The story of these gardens, and the creatures that live in it is truly an unbelievable tale of the most beatiful dragon (Jewel) who has ever made her presence here a welcoming feeling to all creatures.  Jewel is not only a dragon, she can change herself into many forms.  She has made all of the evil here turn to magic,  and love.  There are not many, or none at all of her kind left.  This kingdom of magic is the only one that has a variety of creatures that can live among each other,  and live in peace.  Creatures here do not believe in evil,  in fact if there is a sence of evil about to visit these gardens, they are qiuckly closed down tight untill that feeling goes away. Many of the flions can sence evil,  and will take whatever measures to make sure no evil enters the garden. Because if their is an evil presence within these garden,  Jewel will not be able to fight them off. Her magic is only for her creatures inside the garedens,  and the gardens themselves. Not any of the other creatures who might enter without having any sence of hate at all. The flions can protect Jewel in many ways,  but when an evil presence enters,  they have no way to tell her, because Jewel can change into any form, and it would be hard for them to see where she is.  The dragons here do not like evil,  so when evil is within the gardens,  some creatures hide,  and others flee to diffent kingdoms.  So jewel has to keep her eyes open at all times,  and Turbrinx has to make sure that the flions can reach him without having to resort to Jewel.  Jewel is busy with the garden, she has many more gardens to prepare for other creatures that might need her kindness and love. Not all of the creatures in the many kingdoms have a nice place to live out their days,  but here, " they are all welcome as long as the evil has gone and only love can remain......To be continued.