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F'mars Journey

After a restless night of sleeping on the ground, F'mar sat up, when he realized he had this aching pain in his back, he had slept on a hard rock.  Watching dragons fly through the air is very dreamy" he sais to his so called, faithfull pet friend Ramin, as if he wanted him to answer!! What kinda Ferret are you anyway? he asked.  Not much to talk to he sais, swoops him up on his shoulder, and starts to head back home, hopefully in time for breakfast. F'mars appetite consists of whatever he could get his hands on, loves to eat. Reaching the front door, he realized, he had left his favorite madallion down on the sands. OH, I'll just go back and get it after breakfast. His mother, and sister were sitting at the table waiting for him, "where have you been" his mother asked, We'll if you must no, I was down on the sands!!! The sands, she screams out in anger, your father told you to stay away from the sands. F'mar was a bit aggitated because he was no longer a boy, he was a grown man. He stood up grabbed his plate, and walked up to his mom and looked her straight in the eye, and said " Mom I'm 22 years old, and I'm not a child. So why are you still living here?  she asks, not for long he sais in a quiet but noted voice. At that moment L'ren walks in,  and sais well theres a clutch on the sands, So thats why F'mar was down there!!  his mother sais quietly, What? L'ren said. OH nothing!! I was just talking to myself. F'mars father started to ask Cira where F'mar was last night, when he already had an idea. F'mar didn't realy care what his family thought about him, even though he new that he had to move on with his dreams.

F'mars started to walk back down to the sands to retrieve his medallion, when his father stopped him. "Are you planning to stand in this time" his father sais "You bet"  F'mar sais excitedly. We'll dont be to excited he sais, that can be very dangerous, trying to impress a dragon isn't as easy as you think it is, It took me 5 turns to impress L'ren said under his voice. Being from earth, but ended up here, on this harmonious planet, we never realized that impressing a dragon would be so difficult, but it can be!! F'mar starts to walk away, "where are you going?  L'ren asks. I have to go get something, he sais. On the way down to the sands, he stopped suddenly!! The spot where he was watching from that night was now being taken over by the Queen herself.  OH NO!! he said, my medallion. Ramin, his trusting pet, follows F'mar everywhere, he noticed that the medallion had to be burried under the sands, because her clutch is in that exact spot. He new that trying to explain to Ramin, that retrieving his medallion is very risky, and he's not to bright anyways, so he decided to wait it out. Hopefully it wouldn't be to far burried, after her clutch had hatched. Gold dragons are so beautiful, he thought to himself.  He often cought himself talking to his Ferret about his whole life story,  because he seemed to be the only one who was ever interrested.  F'mars sister Myri was only 4 and had a string tide to her moms aprin, everywhere mom wen't,  she wen't.  Besides that,  she didn't care for F'mar,  because he loved dragons,  and she wanted no part of them,  at least at this time in her life. 

Living on Pern is is very exciting, F'mar sais, never a dule momen't, talking to his Ferret again.  I will someday ride the skies, like my father.  If only I could get over the fear of flying, he whispers to himself.  L'ren gave F'mar a ride on his Bronze dragon  (Ryanth) About half way up into the sky F'mar started to scream, like someone was trying to kill him,  so every since that time his father has been very distant!!  After all if your going to have a dragon, you have to no how to ride. L'ren tried to explain to F'mar that he has to get over his fear of flying or he will never impress a dragon as long as he lives.  Nahlimaths clutch is going to have some very beautiful dragons in it" he thought to himself. F'mar started to walk down the coridor to the hall, where he heard his father Lord L'ren was talking to his wingmen. His father is Lord of Ruatha, and also the one who gave him his medallion" of which he can't read" F'mar never learned the Pernese language, because he always had better things to do. F'mar would also bump into the Lair drudges as they were cleaning up the coridor floors.  At this point F'mar was greatly distressed, and yelled out loud "Help Me" from out of knowhere three wingmen were at his side, and moments later his father.  Whats seems to be the problem L'ren asks " I wan't to ride, he said.  Well then you must promise that  whatever happens, no matter how fast how high, or how long we won't scream or make a fool out of me, "I promise he sias.

That night they climbed up on Ryanths very muscular and defined knee to mount this enormous dragon, once up, F'mar became a bit dizzy, and light headed.  His father looked at him, and said well get ready Ryanths itchen for the skies, and with that, they were off.  Straight up he wen't,  just to throw F'mar off ballance.  Ryanths wingspread was very impressive, he carried himself with knowledge and grace. F'mar finally decided to look past his wings, and down on the valley "This is your ancestory, his father sais outloud!!  You will be a lord someday yourself you no!!  When his father said that, F'mar got a big lump in his throat, and said 'is that what that medallion means that you gave to me when I was a child?  Yup, Lord L'ren yelled out.  F'mar felt confused, and somewhat discouraged, because he had left his medallion down on the sands, where Nahlimath is now waiting her arrivals.  I really messed up this time, he thought to himself.  With all he had just found out, F'mar seemed to have lossed all of his fears of flying, and wanted to get back to the hold, where his father would then start to teach him the pernese language, but first he had to figure out a way to get his medallion back, that he had left on the sand.  If my father finds out that I left it down there, he is sure to be upset.  Ryanth had already landed,  F'mar didn't feel a thing, he was to disturbed, climed down onto his knee, and started to walk towards the sands.  Where are you going Lord L'ren asked?  Nahlimaths clutch will be hatching soon, and I want to choose my egg,  F'mar sais, "Well that fine, but it's the other way around, his father sais in distress.  The dragon will pick you, thats the way it has been for hundreds of Terran. F'mar shrugged his shoulders and waves to his father as he walks away.  With his father not knowing the whole story on why he really wants to go back down to the sands.  Ramin hiding out in F'mars pocket,  pokes his head out,  wondering why F'mar was not heading in that direction.  F'mar nelt down by a Fellis,  and tried to decide how he was going to do this without his father finding out.  The sun was starting to set, when he heard the wherries making a big fuss about something,  "Well should we head back to the Hold, or should we stay out again alnight?  Well, good answer F'mar sais, as if to answer Ramin.  He had to get his Medallion back,  and soon.