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Miracle Miles


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Contact Me

I have seen so many beautiful sites in the last couple of years,and mine does not even compare,but I'm not very familiar with computers,so thank you for taking the time to at least look it over.I love trying new things,and experimenting,I guess that comes with my nature!!!I would also like to no what you think of my site,so please be honest,and maybe give me some ideas!!OH,and I'm terrible with html.That really confuses me,LOL!!!

This is me!!
The mother of TWO!!

Please keep in touch,I dont bite!not in the last couple of years anyway!!LOL,I dare you!So what do ya say?

You are probably wondering why I'm on a page with a bunch of wolves?Well I have a deep love for them,it seems that everytime I go to sleep at night,I dream about very strange things,and the funny thing is,I remember my dreams,and believe me,most of my dreams are not pleasent,I dont no why,but I'm always safe because they are there to protect me.I no,your probably ready to call the looney bin,and sign me up,but its true.Right now I sponsor a wolf named Matsi,and he's very handsome,he's the Alpha male.These wolves have been getting a bad rap for years now,but the fact is,they have to survive,just like you and I.


Share some of my interests? Just want to start a correspondence? Please get in touch!

Just click this address to send me
Or heres another email You can reach me at either one,and please get in touch with me,I love to chat,and I also love to send emails,of course thats what I do several times a day anyway,so lets keep in touch!!

Come see me and the huskies!!

Come and visit me!!
Im lonely,and want to play!!

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