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Being around my family is very important to me,so when we get time to go visit,we go before something comes up,and believe it or not,something does,always come up!!My family lives in Wisconsin and,Nevada,we rarely get a chance to go back to my home which is Greenbay Wi,but my husbands family lives in Idaho,which isnt tlife much easier,when you need a break from the rat race!!o far away from where my folks live.I really do miss home,but being close to some of my family sure make

Im not young,nor am I old,I feel great for my age,and people say I do not look my age,that really makes me feel real good,especially when you have been through as much as I have,but thats another story!!Im blonde and my eyes are blue,and im not as thin as I used to be!!LOL!but if thats the case,Im not the only one.I love a good joke,but cant tell one,and have a very vivid sense of humor.

I grew up in a small town,with a total of maybe 30 people if that!!They named the town (Guffey) dont ask me why,I have no idea,but I do no that it was many a miles away from where we had to go to school,about 31 miles from Canon City Co.We had to get up an hour early because we had to go so far,it was still dark out,when we caught the bus!!LOL.My brother and I kept ourselves busy,hiking,skiing,riding bikes,and many other interresting things to do in such a small town,I honestly miss those days..

Hey Freddie!  Check out my new Riddles and Jokes site....

Here are both my girls (Morgan,and Brandy)
They are both so special!!and meen the world to me!!!

The gift of life,is the ultimate gift,whoever wants something better hasnt lived life the way you should to experience the love,and the courage of a young child,to no you have to be there every second for that child,gives you a new meening of life,watching your child grow,gives you the fear of being a parent,the older your child becomes,the more fear is put in you,I think thats what makes a parent get older,faster,because thats all we do,is worry about our children!! 

Beautiful Colorado
Is Home For Many!!!

Moving On!!
         My job keeps me busy,online,and off,I work with a Well known Company, (USANA)This company Has been growing so fast these last couple of years,and has spread to several knew countries,anyways,I take my job with me anywhere I go,thats the nice thing about having your own business,you can go where you want when you want,and do not have to ask for the time off!!My kids love it,and seeing the smiles on their faces lets me no,that I made the right descision,because their health is the most important to me right now,if your not healthy,your not happy.

My Favorite Movies:On Golden Pond:Tootsie:Windwalker:and those are just a few of my favorites,I love to watch the country music channel the most,I geuss because it almost became a reality to me.I can still sing,and be with the ones I love,at the same time,besides traveling is not my bag,LOL!!!

My favorite music is country,and soft rock,I like Jewel,sheena easton,and many more.I play guitar and sing, so I guess you could say I was raised up on the stuff!!!LOL!!I had a chance to make it big,but I wanted to be around my family,besides traveling isnt my bag!!LOL.

Many of the descisions I've made in my life, were not the best,and moving on has been really hard,but music is what keeps my heart where it belongs,my children love music,and every chance I get I sing to them,they both have a very bright future ahead of them!!

This is me!!
The mother of TWO!!

I really love to have fun,I used to be a major party animal,now I'm into health,karate,and kickboxing,I wonder why?LOL!!!Having kids,really takes your body through the ringer!!LITERALLY!OH Well,I guess I will live,my kids keep me busy,my husband works all the time,sometimes I just get real lonely for family,So what do I do?Well your lookin at it!!I live on the computer,If I didn't have a computer,I would go completely NUTS!!These things are great!I'm new to the internet,but I'm picking it up real quick,not to bad for a dingy Blonde!LOL!!I like meeting new people,chatting,and keeping in touch with family and friends,OH,and YOU TOO!!

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