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Win or Lose
Monday, 17 February 2003
Good God
I have never seen a game like that last game the packers played,that was about pathetic,they could of had home field advantage,but no,Favre was playing for the other team again.I sure hope he's in the mood to win this year,because he's getting up there in age,LOL!!!just kiddin,he sure knows how to play football though!!even though he plays for the other teams sometimes.

Posted by packrinme at 11:00 PM MST
Saturday, 18 January 2003
My Gosh!!!
Boy,I never saw anything so rotten in all my life,the Packers played like kids,they acted like they never played football before,so whats up with that?LOL,I don't get it.They played so wonderfull all year and now,they look like a college football team.But I am a true fan,so I will take it like they did,and hopefully next year will be much better!!!Although,they would have looked good out there on that field,one off these years I't will happen (AGAIN)LOL!!!!

Posted by packrinme at 12:28 AM MST
Saturday, 23 November 2002
Sometimes, I wonder who gets the most pressure put upon them,the quarter back,or the field goal kicker,or maybe it's about the same,or neither,maybe it's the coach!!LOL..I do no,us fans get alot of pressure put on us,when were watching the game,yelling,and screaming,sooner or later someone gets upset that their team is losing,and the fans of the other team,just sit their and rub it in!!LOL!!!Sometimes those yelling matches,get down right nasty!But that is just the way FOOTBALL is,and if you cant take the heat,get out off the Stadium!!LOL!Thats the way I see our living room!

Posted by packrinme at 1:23 AM MST
Sunday, 17 November 2002
In The Spotlight
What is the packers looking at in future games?do they have what it takes to take these young players to the superbowl?I think so,we really have to look at the backgrounds of all of these players,because the players that have been in the longest have to teach these young players the ropes!!and if Favre sticks with the pack,we will have one heck of a team!dont ya think?Same really goes with all of the teams,because once the new players step in,its up to the more advance to break um in!I think keeping the QB covered is KEY,because if he isnt in the game you have to put one in that isnt near as good,of course thats just my oppinion!!packers have a long solid background.

Posted by packrinme at 11:29 AM MST

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