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Saturday, 6 September 2003
Common Guys
Ok, its football season now, so give me some feedback, who's your team? Why? and who is your Favorite Player? and Why? My Favorite player is
Favre, Simply because he's the best, Ya my opinion!!
Packers are my team, I'm from Greenbay, So I guess you could say, I was born a Cheesehead *Giggles*

Posted by packrinme at 12:42 PM MDT
Monday, 17 February 2003
Favre is #1
This year is going to be a much better year,I can feel it,LOL,the packers will be in the Superbowl in 2003.I can only pray that Favre keeps his head in the game,sometimes it seems like he is playing for the other team.I hope he isn't going to play like that this year,his passes are very accurate,especially,when he passing(LONG)OH WELL,he's still the best in my book,and I no there are many other packer fans out there,even ones who say that they can't stand them.I do think Sherman needs to get a little bit of a spine though,he's not tough enough on them,they need a coach to keep them in line,when Favre starts throwing to the other team,go out there and pull him off by the facemask,and make sure he heres you!!!LOL,I no,I'm meen,but it's the truth,he needs a few slams now and then!!!

Posted by packrinme at 10:55 PM MST
Saturday, 18 January 2003
Who's Going?
I no my team is not going to the superbowl this year,but maybe next year!!!LOL.OH well,ya can't win um all right?I think that,Tampa Bay,and the Raiders are going,and Tampa is going to win,but thats my opinion!!!I would like to have your opinion,so please,send me an email,or just leave me a message on this board,and I will get back to ya!!In a short order ok?TALK TO YA SOON.

Posted by packrinme at 12:20 AM MST
Wednesday, 11 December 2002
Packers Rule!!
I believe the Packers are the greatest team that ever was created,and thats my oppinion,and many others feel the same!It's those darn injuries that get um everytime,oh well thats what they get paid the big bucks for right?If they gave me one million dollars to go out on the field with them,for a couple of plays,I would do it,might not live to tell about it,but what the heck,Im on the field with the team I love the most!!My god,doesnt anyone out there,like the packers?If so,send me an email,and let me no,that you are a packer fan,Im begining to wonder,if Im the only one!!!LOL

Posted by packrinme at 8:34 PM MST
Sunday, 24 November 2002
Under Pressure
It looked to me like the pack was playing for the other team!!OH well,cant win um all I guess,theres always next week,Favre just was not in the game,his mind was throwing passes to the other team!LOL!!who do ya think is going to be the next QB for the Pack?hopefully one with similar background,I meen as far as stats go,he does farely well when hes not playing for the other team!!!LOL!Let me no what you think?send me an email or two,I would love to here from you.

Posted by packrinme at 7:56 PM MST
Friday, 22 November 2002
What a Life!!
Keeping yourself healthy and fit,isn't very easy to do these days,especialy when all you want to do is sit in front of the TV,and watch football!!LOL,but for the players it's a piece of cake,I no I would be the happiest person on earth, if I could work out everyday, eat healthy food,stay at the finest hotels,and get paid WELL for doing what I love to do most,a football player is a true gold bar,because no matter how hard you try to break it apart,you will fail everytime,because you simply cannot break apart a Great Football Payer,or a Great Football Team!!

Posted by packrinme at 11:18 PM MST

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