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Miracle Miles
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My God!!!
So this is LIFE!!

Such a Beauty
and a real cutie!!

They look like twins huh?LOL!!They are both very young,and cute,and need love every second of their life,I love all animals,and I Pray for world peace!!We are only here so long!!!I wish we could all get along.

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Here are a few things that really interest me: HOBBIES:
Music is #1 football is #2 Hunting #3
Of course being with your family when you do those things is the most important thing,NO,not playing football!LOL,being in the same room,watching it together,and singing to my girls.I have two beautiful girls ( Brandy "8")and (Morgan "2")They are what I live for,They rule my world,and they always will.

I really feel that having a website is important to me,simply because,I have a very special family,and I would like everyone to no,that I love them and will share that special bond that we have with the whole world,I have been known to hide many things in my life,but not anymore!!Its time to come out and see what the real life is all about!!My problem is,I happen to care to much for some things,and am not able to express myself the way I would like!!Anyways I would like anyone who has a question on what I might be talking about,to Email me OK?

Gods Gifts
Heres one of my beauties!!!

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