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Wolf Love


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Wolf Photos (#1)


Boy, I love running,
just wish I could catch something!!

Aren't these animations cool?I love um,they make a website more interesting,anyways,I have had dreams of wolves every since I was a child,and when I was three,I got bitten by a big white dog,I can't recall the breed,but it was kinda big,I was scared of dogs after that,didn't matter what kind it was,I wanted nothing to do with them,until I started my research,dogs and wolves are very similar in alot of ways,especially when it comes to their young!I was only three years old,and playing in the yard with a ball.The ball wen't flying out of my hands and onto the dirt road that we lived on in the middle of the mountains,the Towns name is Guffey,look it up,maybe about a total of 50 people live there,if that.That dog or (WOLF)grabbed me out of the road,right before the car got there,in other words,he or she,saved my life.And for a couple years after that,I tried to find an owner of the dog or (WOLF)and not a soul owned a dog that looked like that anywhere around that whole area,or anywhere in a 500 mile radius.And after all of that happened,I started having these dreams,whenever I feel like Im in trouble that (WOLF) appears in my dreams,and thats been everynight since...

The wolves are very defensive when it comes to food,only the pack members will be able to eat!!


The true beauties
of life,is life itself!

OK,now which way is quicker
this way,or that way?

Wolf pups are the most addorable creatures on earth,they are also the most observent,keep in mind,a wolves home is in the wild.


Play is very imprtant in a wolves life,they learn from each other,and keep a bond that will last forever!!


The bonds that wolves keep,are very special,thats their way of keeping each other in mind,even when there not...



Sometimes I wonder if a wolf can actually read your mind,and feel what you feel,because they no exactly what to do.


"Free" is what I want to be!!!


Looking into a wolves eyes,you can almost see how they feel inside because, it shows through,some people think there eyes are evil,thats not true,a wolves eyes are their past and ours as well,and they would like too see their future become as beautiful as we can make it..


I really do not think you will get any closer to this wolf!!


Don't Move!!!!


"Boy that was good"