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Freedom For All!!!
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I'm in love with two Packs!!!
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So Much Beauty All Around
Welcome Winter Sunset
We Forget To Look,Because It Makes No Sound!!

I have this deep love for wolves,I don't see them as a preditor,they hold many secrets to our pasts,and will watch over a young child,as if it were his own,why so many hate them,they have to survive also!!The fact that they kill their food,Well thats just life,we all have our ways of keeping ourselves alive,and that is theirs,so Love them,and Leave them,they meen you no harm!

I take many photos,but I have yet to take one of a wolf,these are just some that I have come across that I just fell in love with,and I hope someday soon that I'll be able to take a few of my own,I have many dreams about wolves,good dreams,and they help me,when I'm in trouble,and yes,I remember all of my dreams,I only wish I could understsand them!!

What are you looking at?
Havent you ever seen a wolf before?LOL