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Atlantis Dreams


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Live FREE with me

More about Trevor

Trevors a one of a kind, he is the Atlantin of my dreams. I have been seing him for a while now when I go away to visit my other friends. He has found his way of getting through to me, and letting me no that I am responsible enough to take very good care of his kind. So now that we are together, I intend on doing just that, taking care of him (Maybe more) Forever  *:*

Trevors likes and dislikes:  He likes attention, especially when there are children around, he has to be in the middle of them all.  Playing is one of his favorite things to do.
His Dislikes:  He doesn't like it when people stop to visit him without playing, or just petting him..  His wanting all this attention is what brought him to me.

Getting attention from a friend

The beauties of living in this kingdom, are endless!!!!


Watching the leaves change in the fall,  and the butterflies keeping their colors glowing.  Everything here is free,  and beautiful.