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Atlantis Dreams


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Days of Thunder

The waterfall is so loud, it sounds like thunder!!  Keeps all who wonder, in suspense.

There are many of these waterfalls
here in my kingdom..

You never no what you will see around the bend, so just keep on a walkin!!  So much beauty,  just keep in mind that there is quick sand in some spots.  I had to get Romeo out one time.  He about died,  then I heard his call for help.

The days of thunder..

Walking through this tropical paradise you will see several waterfalls,  I don't think we could ever have to many of those!!  LOL  My friends and I welcome one and all to visit  *:* just don't get lost, although there are several friends here that will help you if you need a guide through this beautiful paradise.  Don't be shy , we don't bite.