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Atlantis Dreams
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Welcome Nature
To my demention

My world consists of many dreams,  I love fantasy,  and I am a warrior at heart,  keeping an open mind makes me who I am inside.   Some people don't understand where I'm coming from,  simply because they do not have an open mind,  let your mind take you away to places where knowone dares to be seen or for that matter even thought of.   Angelheart "YES" thats me, I am, an angel at heart,  when it comes to my friends,  my dragons,  and every other living creature in my universe. Cross me in any way, then I might not have the heart that I bare freely  ^:^  Only the strong will survive, In this case, the week will survive.  My heart reaches out to the week, and all who arent capable of reaching towards their destiny,  healing them with my heart an soul,  to bring them back to their wanting to live again without having to fear death.  In my world,  there are many evil sorcerers,  who pray on the week,  and have wandered my world searching for hurt,  and injured peasants,  so that they may take them ,  and use them for slaves, Testing my bravery is something they have come to enjoy.  That is why I'm here, to protect the week,  and  show all who cross my path,  That I am here,  and I do not FEAR <;> All of my cyber pets are special to me, I will protect them with my life, and my pets inturn do the same for me. Trevor is special, he has come to me in a dream.....

Heres Trevor
Cute HUH? **Giggles**

This Site is for my Atlantis (Trevor) he has my heart wrapped around his little furry body, but real soon, he will be a bit bigger so, please come back and visit us again.

I have brought another baby into my life,  sweet and loving,  his heart is true.  As he grows older,   our journey together will begin forever through..

Trevor has arrived at his home on:  Thursday, Sept,18*** at 11:00 P.M
I will update every time he grows, and also add a new story to our journey together..

Please get in touch with any comments or reactions to my site.