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Unilupes and more

This is my Xaida  (VBron) He is very protective, but has a soft spot for bones.






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This is my other Xaida  (Trickrtreat) He has a way of spooking people, and sneaking candy from those who are not watching!! LOL.



Patience is his strong point.

This is Neo!!

Captures your eye just by his colors, he is very protective also, but he is a bit more patient than the others. All Xaidas are tempermental.

This is (Aspen) Very fast and wild. I had a hard time getting close to him, because he is very independant. He keeps himself out of site, at least tries to keep himself out of site, his color gives him away most frequently, although if you have food in your hands and you try to coax him to come close to get it, you just might get lucky and be able to pet this very colorful Xaida.



This is Silvan!!  He has been showing me the ways of the Xaidas!!  He also keeps watch for me while I'm gone,  isn't he handsome?  He does have a problem with leaving his toys all over though,  I cant keep picking them up every 5 seconds!!LOL,  he is a very good story teller,  and loves his tail brushed,  so if you happen to have a brush along with you,  he will love you forever!!  Please come back and visit us again,  who knows where his bone will be next time!!