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Unilupes and more
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This is a Unilupe, his name is Jevra!! He will keep watch here from now on!! my unicorn found true love, and sailed away on the fairy boat that came ashore overnight!! sniffle!sniffle!! I hope he will come back once in a while to visit me and my friends!! I will miss him. So give Jevra a bone when you come visit, he loves them, of course he's just a big baby!! We hope you enjoy your stay, and please come back, he loves to eat!!LOL. Sorry about all the rain, we have been getting alot of that lately..


Breed: Unilupe
Age: Adult
Color: Grey&White
Owner: (Angelheart)
Origin: High Rocky Mountains
Personality: Shy,but Loving




Unilupes are High Mountain animals, but will adapt to any environment. If they feel they are loved, believe me you'll no, because they will not want to move anywhere unless they are with you.

Also, as they start to get a bit bigger, they have many need, like plenty of room to play, and tons of things to chew on. It's not pritty when you come back to visit them and your whole site is a total disaster, they can be very distructive, so make sure you have many things for them to chew on  :0)



This is My Unilupe, his name is Greystoke, he is here to keep everyone on there toes*** And if there not, he will put them there **Giggles** Unilupes can adapt to any climate although they love the High Rocky Mountains, isn't that cool? I live in the Rocky Mountains, he is very calm with children, but can get a bit irritated if he sees someone trying to sneak a pet, or not leaving a message before they leave, he really hates that, and he might even nip at you, so please leave me a message before you leave OK? Greystoke, thanks You, and so do I.

What's New?

All of my Unilupes have moved to their new home 

10/14/03 - Added new photos of my babies


Say hello to "Haze"I just adopted him,he is going to get much bigger than he is now,but he is very friendly,so throw a ball his way,and he will play with you!!LOL.
Breed: Unilupe
Age: Teen
Color: Red&White
Parents: Unknown(Angelheart)
Origin: High Rocky Mountains
Personality: Playful

Please let me no what ya think of my site, I'm new at this **Giggles**