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My Babies **Giggles**


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The big moment arrives...Well here is Storm as a caccoon.  At least you get to step out of the storm for a few minutes and dry off **Giggles**  Below,  you will find out why it is so wet around here!!  he can make the most lightning in one night that we see in one year :o)  That also goes for the rain!!


Vital Info

Breed: Egyptan
Age: Cub
Origin: Zekira
Parents: N/A
Personality: Full Of Spark
Owner: Angelheart
Name: Storm
Faults: None
Mate: None Yet
Breeder: Viridia

Well here he is,  what do ya think?  Beautiful HUH?  Ya,  I love him, even though he does get me all wet,   and sometimes,  lightning strikes my computer and knocks it plum out a whack  **Giggles**  but I will not trade him for nothin,  so dont ask!   JUST-A-Kiddin :o)  Enjoy your visit,  and please come back now and then to dry off!!


Make sure you don't get to close to him,  he might strike you.  Of course that would meen,  he likes you!!!   :o)

Back to the Storm

Thanks for stooping by  :o)  Please come back to visit,  you need to dry off sooner or later  **Giggles**