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My Babies **Giggles**
Mayleke's Teen memories
Storms bolting teen times..
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Welcome to the world!  This is Mayleke as a caccoon, and below you will see what beauty has come from this sleek White bulb shaped object!!!  Just like butterflies these beautiful creatures are just what people need to make their lives seem more like going out and experiencing nature,  and all that it has to offer..


This is Mayleke :0)  Such a beautiful site to see everyday as I go to visit all of my babies,  she has given me a lot of happiness and joy!!!  but I think the love is always the most important :o)  Her cubbish ways make me laugh,  and a few times she has made me cry,  but not because I was sad.  I cry because I am so very proud of her and,  the way she has made her way to being such a special part of my life.

After all her happiness depends on me,  and I'm not about to jeopardize that in any way!!!  We will have a very long, and happy life together.  Our special bond cannot break,  she is very close to me,  when I have to leave, she gets upset, and yes sometimes she starts a few fires, but they're nothin I cant put out **Giggles**  Were stuck,  and we like it...


Vital Statistics

Breed: Egyptan
Age: cub
Parents: N/A
Origin: Zekira
Personality: Explosive
Owner: Angelheart
Name: Mayleke
Mate: None Yet
Breeder: Viridia

I am very pleased that she has brought so much love into my life...