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Garden Entrance To
Garden Four

     Here we await another hatchling.



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Gender: N/A
Age: Egg
Wings: N/A
Tail: N/A
Horns: N/A
Spikes: N/A
Fur: N/A
Markings: N/A
Coloration: N/A
Legs: N/A
Eyes: N/A
Other: N/A
Special: N/A



 And here we have a Spike Cat,  his name is Bralto" Turbrinx Sais in very quiet voice," You are lucky to have caught a glimps of him, they dont usually show themselves in front of people they dont no. There isn't much to say about Bralto, except he to," was takin in by Jewel.  Some of the flions in the gardens say he is very distant,  he doesn't like anything to be close by him, "it's almost like he thinks that someone is trying to harm him. That might be some of the Spike Cat traits coming through, "but you might have to ask Jewel about that,  because I'm not familiar with their backgrounds,"I just watch over them, and make sure no evil enters these lands.


   So much beauty lives here in the Gardens.



   My Flions have all the freedom in the world,  and have the beauty to match.