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Garden Entrance To



Welcome to the Flions Gardens !!
Where all your dreams will come true.


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      My Flions come from a ver special place named Sanori Gardens,   these special dragons are very Loyal to their owners,  although there are many without an owner, "that meens that  many dragons have been abandoned, " and have been left to defend themselves.  To the right of you stands the Guardian of the Flion World,  his name is Guardian Turbrinx.
He will make sure you see these Flions,  and will try to explain each of their characteristics, and many more interesting things to you about these specatacular creatures.  If you have anymore questions about these dragons,  I recemend that you visit the Sanori Site for any further indepth information,  after all Guardian Turbrinx has many Flions to tend to,  and he is very busy with other jobs around the Gardens.  The tunnels and caves throught these gardens,  are home to many different creatures.  Some of whom you probably will not see because they are ver shy,  of simply cannot come out in the light.
"Sometimes you can get lucky and catch a glips of them as they are peeking out,  or they are returning from another place in the garden.  Most of these creatures can make themselves invisible too,  so if they think they are being watched, "they will make themselves invisible to everyone, "except Jewel"  she can see all things.  Even the things that aren't visible to the naked eye  *:*

What's New?

I will be adding more off and on, and when I do, I will post it here.

11/1/01 - Added new Flions

Sanori Gardens





These little ones here belong to Chance!!  The duck that never shuts his Yap!! **Giggles**